After Generating Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars For Our Clients “Through” And “On” The Internet Channel Over The Past Decade, Manufactures, Rep Agencies, And Wholesale And Retail Distributors Of All Shapes And Sizes Have Been Requesting Our Assistance With Maximizing The Co-Op Dollars They’ve Earned To Bring In New Trade Business And Blanket The 1st Page Of Google For Their Company Online!

The Wholesaler Article From July 2023

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Results From A Program With 63 Showrooms

These Are The Top Benefits Our B2B & B2C Co-op
Programming Offers Manufacturers, Reps & Distributors


Our Team Provides A List Of Must Have Items That Will
Give A Manufacturer Clarity, Confidence & Confirmation
About Greenlighting A Co-Op Program For Any Distributor

  • It must be hands-off for the brand, yet 100% aligned with their goal-getting strategies
  • It must be presented in bite-sized pieces so everyone understands the elements involved
  • It must show precedence that what is being presented moves the needle forward for all sides
  • It must provide proof through the results reporting deliverables that an +ROI was generated
  • Brands love how our programs are scalable, can be done in any market, and run annually

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Here Is A Sample Of Manufacturers We’ve Done Co-Op Programs With

Wholesale & Retail Distributors

We Are Able To Maximize The Most Leveraged
Position In This Pipeline, The Distributor, Because
They Earned The Co-Op Dollars By Selling The Brand

  • Our B2B program shows how generating “new revenue” in the trade is the top priority
  • Our B2C program shows the formula for blanketing & converting sales from the 1st page of Google
  • With the B2B and B2C program, there is an in-house point person that we will work with directly
  • With B2B, you will get a spreadsheet of 1,000+ contacts, a custom landing page, and all of the business development support you’d ever need to make your co-op program successful
  • With B2C, you will get a Business Intelligence Dashboard, Google Ad Summary Report, CRM document with every web inquiry your business has, and a consulting call every month

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Some Of The Distributors We’ve Worked With Or Have Done Co-ops With

Manufacturer’s Rep Agencies

A Rep Agency Is Able To “Lobby” On Behalf Of Their Brands
While Simultaneously Matching Their Top-Selling Distributors With
B2B And B2C Co-Op Programs That Generate New Revenue Like Clockwork

  • Reps know exactly how to advise their distributors on maximizing their co-op dollars
  • Reps have an incentive to work with their brands and distributors to support sales growth
  • Reps know exactly how to position a co-op program to get a manufacturer to approve it
  • Reps can use the Red Carpet Co-op Program for all of their brands, in all of their territories
  • Reps can take their level of customer service and high touch relevance to an all-time high

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Dan Fingerhut From aDream Decor Puts This Red Carpet Co-op
Program Concept Into Perspective In An Absolutely Perfect Way!

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